Comparative study: Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin is digital money that exists inside a system of PCs, within the blockchain framework. It is a radical register reporting innovation. It makes records unmistakably hard to control for various reasons. Also, this system is decentralized and it’s available on PCs everywhere throughout the world.

What number of exchanges can a bitcoin framework generate each second? 7. Exchanges take around ten min to take place. Furthermore, as the bitcoin system users develop, holding up times gets longer, in light of the fact that there are lots of exchanges to handle without an adjustment in the fundamental innovation that procedures them.

The recent discussions concerning bitcoin’s innovation are about the focal concern of measuring and enlarging the pace of the exchange confirmatory procedure. There exist two noteworthy solutions for this concern, either to create the amount of information that needs to be verified in each square less, thus making exchanges faster and economical in order to create the squares of information greater, with the goal that more data can be handled at a given time.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash – Differences

By July 2017, pools for mining and organizations speaking to around 80% – 90% of the bitcoin registering power voted to join an innovation known as the SegWit2x. It creates the amount of information that needs to be analyzed in each square smaller, by removing mark information from the square of information that has to be created in each exchange, and keeping it appended into a broadened square. By the month of October, the researchers from the Bitcoin Unlimited uncovered they had generated the world’s initial 1GB square, which is 1,000 times greater than the actual size.

Bitcoin cash was begun by bitcoin excavators and designers similarly concerned regarding the eventual future of the digital currency, and its capacity to scale viable. These people had their bookings about the reception of a secluded evidence innovation, whatsoever. It was felt as though SegWit2x had not settled the basic issue of scalability genuinely, nor did it take after the guide at first laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious party that initially put forth the blockchain innovation behind digital money. Besides, the way of presenting SegWit2x as the forward path was definitely not transparent enough, and there are concerns that its outlook weakened the democratization and decentralization of the cash.

During August, a few mineworkers and engineers started what is called the hard fork, viably making money known as ‘Bitcoin cash’. It has actualized an expanded square size of 8mb, to quicken the check procedure, with a customizable level of trouble to guarantee the survival of the chain and exchange confirmation speed, paying little mind to the number of excavators supporting it.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

Enhancing digital currency as an exchange mode will depend on maintaining the abnormal level of safety that bitcoin has dependably assured, which likewise enhances the exchanges pace. Bitcoin, in turn, will continue to be very secure. On the other hand Bitcoin cash, on balancing the issues raised, can have exchanges that are generated in about only two min and 30 secs.

Is There Any Relationship Between CSR And The Performance Of The Firm

The relationship between CSR and firm performance could be further classified as short term and long term financial performance.

The first method which aims at short-term financial gains is called as abnormal returns where the firm engages itself in some social causes. The other is the way the firm measures its profitability by using some accounting measures.

There is some relation that is seen vividly between financial profits and corporate social responsibility. Studies show that they are positively correlated. This is basically a great tool that helps the firm promote their objectives and it is used to align the company’s business as well as social goals. This leads to a better relationship with the stakeholders and consumers and this strengthens the relationship and builds trust.

The performance of a firm based on the CSR initiatives that it takes can be based on the following theories:

Consumer interference making – This suggests that when the consumer has trust in the manufacturer and knows that the company is socially responsible then he too feels very positively about the product. This instills goodwill and turns let the consumer be loyal to the firm.

Signaling theory – When there is some irregularity or difference seen between the buyers and the sellers then consumer looks at what the attributes of the company are. Warranties given by such companies seem to look more reliable and the consumer is assured that the product quality of such a company has to be great and this makes him decide on a company. Also, potential employees look at companies who indulge in CSR initiatives as being more attractive.

Social identity theory– An employee’s self-image is important and employees distinguish themselves with the company that they work for. They thus want to be associated with brands that are socially responsible and have a good reputation in the market. This leads to the better evaluation of the company and its products and this leads to loyalty from consumers.

Any irresponsible behavior by the firm gets the shareholder agitated and they may even end up leaving the company and reducing the consumption of products from the company. The shareholders and consumers could also spread bad words about the company which ends up making the company loses its market value.

There have been companies in the past that have been boycotted because of the practices that they follow and because of them being irresponsible socially. All this affects the financial status of the company.


The Need for Capital Budgeting

Business equals profits” is the dream of every entrepreneur when he begins a business. But when he sits to make the plan outline for his business he finds out all is required to establish a successful business in the long run.

For this, there are many financial tools and decisions which need to be carefully learned and researched. Every line of business id different and needs to follow a different solution to calculate what will be the most profitable decision. Hence the capital budgeting is used with the help of its tools like the payback period method, net present value method and internal rate of return method.

But we need to know why exactly the capital budgeting provides for any business. Some of the effective reasons which prove the need for capital budgeting is:

1.To identify opportunities: business cannot start on one fine day out of the blue, it needs planning and organizing in every aspect. But you need to know how to choose and hence for that, you need to know the available investment decisions for your business. This is the crux of the business to know the possible benefits.

2. To assess the opportunities: once the opportunities are known, then they should be carefully analyzed to find out which will suit our business the best way.this step helps to know the numerical that will support our decision to choose the appropriate project for our business.

3.Cash Flow Assessment: the most important factor in capital budgeting is assessing cash flow.when you select a new project you have to know about the cash flow details for it so that you can plan your business based on that. You have to make estimations in finding what amount of cash is required for the entire business plan and what each process in business will cost you. Right from procuring resources to paying the employees every bit of finance needs to be calculated. For this, you need to take the help of the different experts in each related field.

Another aspect is to know the cash flow related to return from your business, you need to know an approximate amount of returns after the estimated loss in your this process you need to be extra realistic to estimate the this cash flow technique is completely essential.

4. Making Decisions: ultimate requirement of capital budgeting is to make suitable business decisions and you should be vigilant in selecting the best one for our business.Take necessary steps to evaluate the best possibilities from the available ones. This will fetch you profits and sustain your business.

Thus capital budgeting and its tools run the business in the best efforts of the decisions made from it.


Role of Managerial Finance In Various Functions Of The Company

Managerial finance is not restricted to one department of a company. It is an approach that considers all the discipline and departments of the company. Financial management is important for value creation and organizational efficiency. But the managerial aspect deals not only with techniques used in the company, but it assesses the techniques in global terms and compares with other companies as well and ensures that their implementation leads to maximum benefit to the company.

The various aspects of managerial finance in the light of various departments that work together can be seen with an astute eye and need experts to review the same.

  1. The manager has to see the relationship between the accounts department and financing decisions. The statements regarding all the financial transactions help to calculate the expenditure, costs and profits and the related tax implications.
  2. The finance manager needs the historical and projected data to understand every minute details so that the future decisions about the investment can be made more efficiently.
  3. The managerial finance is also responsible to ensure compliance with all the legal financial matters. The compensation paid to all the employees, the main object of the firm and the values followed by it should align with financial implications.
  4. One of the most important aspects or department is the production department. The main goal of the firm is to produce goods or services and make a profit. So all the resources should be focused on this aim and ensure their efficient utilization.
  5. The resources should not only be allocated properly, but this should also help to establish a good reputation. This positive image helps the company to raise finances and more investments in the future and also helps to improve its image in the eyes of its buyer.
  6. Financial management has to ensure that the employees are paid proper wages, both legally and ethically, as this ensures they work to their full capabilities and improve the productivity of the company.


A company that is managed well financially, and is able to work out the future strategy using the appropriate profit and loss matrices, can improve its profit margins and reputation in the market. In today’s world global challenges make it imperative that the managerial finance function performs in accordance with all the parameters applicable to a global company. All the strategies of a company are based on the techniques used efficiently and this can be ensured using managerial finance.

Banks And Fintech Companies

This is a period that is greatly driven by technological developments and advancements. There are technology and its improvements in everything we see, and we do in life today and it is probably this that is making few important and so-called difficult things simpler. Yes, take for example the payments and incomes. This is common for a common man and there is some sort of payments and incomes for everybody. This is seen in large amounts with the commercial organizations and business concerns and here it is almost every day that there are some payments and receipts. 

A much-expected collaboration for the present day world

As all of us know, it is the banks that take care of all these and now they have decided to join hands with the Fintech companies in doing this more efficiently and effectively. This is a motivation for the banks to perform better too and they strive to do by keeping pace with the fast developing technology. Initially when this was tried out and when a test was conducted there were a lot of queries and controversies and there were even situations wherein the transactions in money were reduced drastically and people were forced to look into other sources. Anything that gets implemented takes its own course of time; but when done correctly would definitely be of great help and use to all. And the same thing happened with this conglomeration too.

The risky ordeal

When this project was tested live it came up with the usual problems like security, safety, constant monitoring, fraud detection etc since everything would be done electronically, driven by technology. On the successful completion of this test and when it was proved fit and safe to be used for payments by and for the banks, the banks and financial institutions that were ready to go live on technological platforms had to send requests to their customers demanding a confidential login and password for maintaining and managing their accounts either on mobile phones or their computers reducing their efforts and time in reaching the branches personally. This way they could save time as well as make all their payments on time. It was also a beneficial move for the banks for they could receive all their dues and overdue on time wherein the system helped them in sending reminders to the customers just a few days before the due date. Now, this is a common practice and with time people have also become very comfortable using these services of the Fintech companies.

How to rope in the Working Capital

Finances are the most powerful tool in the world. It’s so powerful that it can shape a person or de-shape them! If you haven’t planned for them properly, then you will have to do it pretty quick, else it will take over you!

Have you been in business? Or seen anyone in it? Or if you are willing to take up business, then you might probably want to know few basic things! There are few terminologies that are used often; the working capital and profits and loss being common. So, do you know all of them?

Well, let’s iterate through them so that you understand it much better. For any business, definitely need more money, the money that is cut out from all expenses and commitments is the amount available to run your business and this money is called the Working Capital. The amount that is available to put on your business, in buying things related to your business is this money.

So, how do you bring this money? What are the ways that you can raise this business working capital? There are many ways to raise money, but not all are sustainable and don’t last too long, like borrowing money from your friends!! You have the obligation to return to them when they are in need, no matter how your business is!

So, here are few best-tested ways to fund your business, without interrupting in between.


Bank loans are the first basic source of money. You can return it based on your income and at a steady monthly pace. There are basically various types of loans, which depends on your business type and your start-up working capital required.

The bank loan is the easiest and safest method of raising a capital for your business. It allows you to be more responsible and allows gives you enough support in reaching out to more people in business in your connected field through various platforms offered by the bank. If you pay up the interest monthly on time, you will be climbing up the ladder sooner than you could have expected with more loans offered for your business.

Government sources:

Apart from private and government banks offering loans, the trusts and grants of the various government programs offer financial support to various newly launched businesses. You need to check out with your local area office about the kind of business that get grants and if you one with, then you can subscribe and apply for the same.

Reasons to Nuzzle CSR


It is tough for budding companies to spend time and money on CSR as these companies have just started and do not have much investment or turn over and their primary goal will be building a strong and successful company. But in the fast-growing and competitive world, CSR will play a major role in company’s success and will also help the company to be in top position. These days consumers have become socially conscious as they want to make difference. To stand as strong and business you need to give some to the community for its well-being by doing so you will be good and give back with benefits. Here is a list of the reasons on how CSR programs can help to improve your business.

  • If people in your locality are suffering from problems then you cannot get your profits so try to give your hand full of support to charities by supporting child care homes, programs like anti-drug abuse and offer shelter to homeless which will get you some recognition and also solve the problems of your community
  • Be socially responsible by avoiding the packing and using the recyclables and using LED lights which will save energy and money, and this will help others for understanding the use of them and it is also part of CSR
  • Maintaining the name of the brand is a tuff thing to enhance the processes of gaining popularity of your brand you can use CSR by making it important message from your brand which will draw a lot of attention from people.
  • Give importance to your employees and do some good for their well-being which will allow them to trust you and they will work hard on their part to make you better by giving best at production which will increase profits for your firm
  • Engaging with CSR will also help you to engage with your employee which makes them happy so they will give better output.
  • It not only encourages employees but will also attract investors as involving in CSR makes your company transparent and always investors will have interest in companies that are transparent as that organization will have a low rate of risk.
  • This CSR concept is also long-term one by doing this you can see development in company’s future.

One of the examples is Wal-Mart which stood as a leader in environmentalism by giving awareness to their customer about the good and bad products indirectly they are also engaging with their customers.


Importance of capital budgeting


Capital budgeting is not always given the importance it duly deserves. Every investor comes across situations where he is to take crucial investment decisions. Be it to choose one project among the best in front of him or to finalize the capital that is worth investing in it at that point, every decision taken has long-term impacts.

What is Capital budgeting

As the name indicates this is the process of budgeting and getting into the details of the capital being invested. It might be for a business to invest in expansion or purchase of new equipment or an investor investing in a new project. Capital budgeting takes into account the worth of the investment and analyses whether the investment should really be made and other such aspects.

Why should every investment be preceded by capital budgeting?

  1. There is a capital involved:

Money saved is money earned. And investments that fetch great returns are the best forms of savings. They help the available funds earn an income for the investor. Irrespective of the size of the capital careful consideration is important. Even the smallest mistakes can lead to major losses.

  1. Every wrong decision affects the credit performance

When a business makes a loss due to the lack of proper capital budgeting it would cost the business a huge amount in the long run. The business’ credit performance might also be affected. The wrong decision taken during an investment might also create credibility issues at times.

  1. The impacts exist for a long time

Most capital budgeting decisions have long-term impacts. The capital being invested would be analyzed on various parameters like the payback period for example. This would indicate the time required to be able to recover the capital. There are some cases where the capital might be locked in for a long time. The liquidity is not always the same. So if the business or the investor is in need of funds in the near future the capital that was earlier invested might not be accessible. So capital budgeting decisions should also take into account the long-term financial plans in order to make better choices.

On the whole, some of the decisions taken might be irreversible and might leave behind a permanent remark on the investor. The credibility of an investor is often weighed based on the choices made. So capital budgeting is something that cannot be ignored.


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